90K Jobs

Who Pays for Families?

August 22,2014 08:48 PM
Other options that is, than simply forcing people to get sick, lose their jobs, and stay ... Paid family leave, paid sick days, flexible scheduling and reduced time ... Some corporations with high profits and enormous market share have ...

Chris Bowen warns of robotic job threat

August 22,2014 06:39 AM
Mr Bowen said Australia needed to produce "good, high-skilled, well-paying jobs in what some have called the second machine age", but it would ...

Many benefits to decent pay and no, it does not kill jobs

August 22,2014 05:37 AM
Many benefits to decent pay and no, it does not kill jobs .... The idea that higher minimum wages lead to fewer jobs has been decisively discredited.

Machines to swallow call centre jobs

August 22,2014 04:18 AM
Both publications argued that routine-based jobs or jobs that can be solved ... workers are finding with automated mine trucks taking high-paid jobs .

Maths, science increasingly critical to career success

August 21,2014 03:22 PM
Nearly all the highest-paid jobs in the United States require training in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.