90K Jobs

Andrew Little Speech: State of the Nation

January 28,2015 01:07 AM
It was hard work but in the end we kept more than 300 skilled and well-paid jobs in New Zealand. And we managed to benefit Air New Zealand and its ...

Fast Food Doesn't Have to Be a Dollar-Menu Job: Industry Can Pay $15 and Survive

January 27,2015 11:15 PM
It works at airports and in American cities, in Denmark and Australia, and, more or less, at all 300 locations of In-N-Out Burger. Still, despite well-paid ...

New Labour Leader Andrew Little focuses on vision for jobs and small businesses in State of the ...

January 27,2015 08:37 PM
The Labour Party I lead is about jobs. Good jobs. Skilled jobs. Well paid jobs," Little said in his State of the Nation address at ASB's 'Cube' meeting ...

More jobs part of Labour's vision

January 27,2015 07:07 PM
"I'm here today to make one thing very clear. The Labour Party I lead is about jobs. Skilled jobs. Well paid jobs," the former head of the Engineering, ...

DOE creates Jobs Strategy Council to focus on job growth in energy

January 27,2015 03:56 PM
... to earn higher wages and to encourage businesses to decide to innovate and create good, high-paying jobs, the Council will integrate the research, ...

IT jobs outlook: High demand, higher salaries

January 27,2015 11:03 AM
Another 25 percent said they received higher pay by changing employers. Thirty-seven percent of tech professionals polled said they received a ...

Reports show growing financial squeeze for most Florida workers

January 27,2015 06:00 AM
Invest in job growth in higher-paying industries like health care, which have the added benefit of generating social value in addition to boosting wages.

Land Jet looks to Watertown

January 27,2015 03:56 AM
"Land Jet's relocation will bring new jobs to Watertown, and add another well-established company as a tax-paying property owner. Moreover, any ...

Peoria lands Asian aviation company

January 26,2015 07:41 PM
A Chinese aviation company is coming to Peoria and with it 30 high-paying jobs in aerospace systems and software engineering with annual salaries ...
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6 DNS services protect against malware and other unwanted content
First, a quick primer for those who are unfamiliar with DNS: You utilize the Domain Name System (DNS) every time you surf the Web. Each time you type a site name into the browser, DNS is queried for the IP address corresponding to that particular domain, ...

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A new kind of DDoS threat: The “Nonsense Name” attack
Network World
A botnet controlled by the attacker generates random domain names in the zone, with nonsense-first labels, such as asdfghjk.foo.example and zxcvbnm.foo.example. - The bots send many queries for those domain names to recursive name servers.